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Purpose Purchase of House site / Purchase of House / House Construction/ House Repairs/ Marriage Expenses
No. of year Service Loan Limit
1) 3 years below NIL
2) Service from 3 years but less than 5 years Rs.3,00,000/-
3) 5 years and above but less than 10 years Rs. 6,00,000/-
4) 10 years and above but less than 15 years Rs. 8,00,000/-
5) 15 years and above Rs. 10,00,000/-
Surety Eligibility Member can stand surety up to the maximum limits of Rs.10 Lakhs.
Loan Limit Rs.10,00,000/-(Ten lakhs) Maximum
RepayPment Period
Repayable in 60/100 EMI Installment extended up to the age of 66 years, i.e 6 years ( 72 Installment) after retirement.
Rate of Interest
A)Sanjeevini Medium Term Maximum instalments 60 Upto Rs.10 Lakhs 10.00%
B) Sanjeevini Long Term Loan Maximum instalments 100 Upto Rs.10 Lakhs 10.50%
Share Holding 5% of the Loan amount as per RBI notification
Security Permanent LIC Employee with 10% of net salary to the Gross Salary
Purpose Proof In the case of “medical Expenses” name and exact relationship and ailment of the person for whom the expenses are to be incurred, the name of the Doctor or the Hospital etc. treating the patient, whether the patient is entirely dependent on the applicant and if not, who are the other relations who bear the expenses, the total expenses that are to be incurred etc. should be stated. In the case of “Domestic Expenses” the full details and nature of expenses that are incurred have to be stated. In the case of all other purpose also, all the necessary details must be stated. All these details are required to be stated on a separate sheet of paper under the signature of the applicant. If all the necessary details are not given, the sanction of loan will have to be delayed until all the details got and found satisfactory. When part of fresh loan sought is for clearing earlier loan, the applicant should state so and give particulars for the balance.
Documentation Prescribed Application Form with Attested Copies of Photo ID – Voter ID/DrivLicense/Passport/Aadhar PAN Card